Updating and Revamping

We are updating and revamping the Auctions in Spain (AIS) website.

Everyone knows that the property market has changed in recent years being mainly due to the recession. The Spanish Banks have reluctantly become Estate Agents themselves because of having to repossess property which they are owed money on, its not an ideal situation as Banks do not want to be seen repossessing property, they don¡t want to portray that image.

Some of the Banks sell their repossessions directly while others use agencies, in some cases they also own these agencies.

So where do we come in to this equation?

Well, we are the “go between” between you (the buyer) and the Spanish Bank and we don’t charge you a penny to do this!

So if this is a free service how do we make any money?

Simple really, we receive a small referral fee from the Bank for introducing buyers.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by using the AIS service and its in a language you understand. The full service should be up and running within a week so please bookmark the AIS site and come back, we have some great bargain property from the Banks in Spain.