Moncofa Repossessed Apartments

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Recently completed brand new 3 bedroom & 2 bathroom apartments for sale from an amazing €38.500

These brand new apartments have just been completed so here is a great opportunity to get in first before the prices will surely escalate.

The apartments have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and present a great investment for a holiday homeimg1118110 or for all year living in Moncofa town. The properties are equipped with air conditioning, double glazing, fitted kitchen and wardrobes.

The apartments are just a 5 minute drive to the lovely beaches and there are excellent transport links by bus and train to Castellon 20 minutes and Valencia approximately 45 minutes. The population of Moncofa is around 6000, so for a holiday destination it is perfect for those who want to be somewhere that isn’t small but isn’t too large either.

Along the 6 km of coastline Moncofa has two different types of beach, smooth rounded pebbles or sand. There are actually 16 small beaches which have been formed by the breakwaters,  Pedraroja, Grau and Masbó beaches are great for those who love water sports, where beaches such as Belcaire, Estanyol and Beniesma are for those who want a more serene experience and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Finance Directly From The Bank

For non residents finance is available directly from the bank at 70% you should also budget between 10% to 14% to cover legal fees and property taxes but these cost cannot be added to the mortgage, so for example;

Property Price €38.500
30% down €11.550
Legals & Tax €4000 (approx)

Total to pay up front €15.550

Total on Mortgage €26.950

More information & Enquiries

See the video of Moncofa town and beaches

More information & Enquiries