Castellon Apartment €16.000

Cheap Apartment in Spanish Coastal Town

cheap apartment in SpainApartment located in the coastal town of Almazora, Castellon. It is 53 m² with a living room, kitchen and utility room, there are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

It doesnt get any cheaper than this €16.000

Ok by looking at it it could do with a bit of work but hey, just look at the price!

The coastal town of Almazora has many attractions including a peaceful beach away from the crowds, and a whole host of services. The old town or reveals the roots of Almassora, with buildings of great historic and architectural interest. In the area surrounding the town and on the banks of the river there is the Hermitage of Santa Quiteria, an area of natural beauty and interesting features such as the dam and the medieval bridge.

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